Alex Papale
PT, DPT, Sex Educator

Alex Papale PT, DPT (they/them) is a pelvic health physical therapist and sex educator based in Boston, MA. They treat patients at Flourish Physical Therapy, as well as develop and teach trainings and continuing education courses on sexual and pelvic health, BDSM, and LGBTQ+ healthcare. Alex began their professional career as an inclusivity consultant for a major medical institution in Boston, while co-creating and teaching one of the first national con-ed courses on pelvic health PT for the trans and gender non-conforming population. Since then, they’ve lead over 20 workshops and trainings to audiences ranging from a handful of people to national conferences on sex toys, kink, pelvic health, and gender, and they continue to expand their specialized training as a sex educator. Their pandemic hobbies include hanging out with Honey their 4ft snake, reading about kink and queer history and being an overbearing plant parent.
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What people are saying about Alex's Courses

This course is incredible for providing proper education about sex toys, lube, and barriers. This information is hardly talked about and the need for this education is so vital for clients and people in general. I really appreciate the information and how inclusive and non-judgmental this was!
This course excites me about the direction that our profession is shifting towards to best assist all patients in addressing their goals for improving their sexual function and experience.
The instructors were highly knowledgeable and able to break down myths with ease while bringing in humor. I whole heartedly agree humor is necessary with any sexual exploration, experience, or even educating patients about sexual function. If you'll allow it, I would love to quote the statement "sex without a sense of humor is setting you up for disappointment, embarrassment, and shame." This is so impactful! I can imagine patients or even just any individual *sigh* after hearing it. You both speak and educate with inclusivity and intention. Thank you.

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