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Antony Lo, PT

Antony Lo is a physiotherapist from Australia and runs The Physio Detective service and My PT Education. He earned his degree from the University of Sydney and has been in practice since 1997 (old enough to see old things come back as new things!). He completed his post-graduate Master in Manual Therapy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy) from the University of Western Australia and commenced his Specialization training in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. He has been working at the junction of Musculoskeletal, Sports Rehab and Performance, and Women’s Health for his whole career. He has experience participating and coaching a range of sports and has been a consultant for a number of different types of elite sports athletes of all ages.
Antony’s passion is working in a way that combines his experience in coaching, education, and being a Physiotherapist, combining the knowledge from the fields of Physiotherapy, Strength and Conditioning, Business, Psychology, and the Arts and Sciences. He has developed a model of treatment that utilises the best from Sports Science, Musculoskeletal/Sports Physiotherapy, Pain Science, and Women’s Health research to provide a practical, realistic holistic model of care. This model balances the biopsychosocial model of healthcare with the best of historical assessment and management approaches. Antony has a wife and 3 beautiful children in the best city in the world – Sydney, Australia! 
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Antony Lo's Courses

What people are saying about Antony's Courses

The Female Athlete Level 1 course was definitely surprising different than I anticipated! It really made me question why I have been practicing the way I have for 12 years. I realize I have probably been assuming way too much as my patient starts to tell their story, and during my evaluation I'm trying to approve what I assume, especially as an Orthopedic Physical Therapist that has transitioned into Pelvic Health after becoming a mother. I didn't want to sign off the course online because I feel like I could talk like this forever with fellow clinicians. Phenomenal course!! 
As a pelvic floor therapist, I was in a rut of being "stuck in the pelvic floor". I wanted to get out of the pelvic floor and into more movement, and this class definitely brought me back to that. I did orthopedic therapy before getting into pelvic floor therapy, and have always try to incorporate exercise when appropriate during my sessions, but fear that if I don't work on specific pelvic floor issues that their symptoms won't completely resolve. This course challenged that belief and made me realize that symptoms can resolve just from "doing things different". Super fun to make a mental switch! I definitely recommend this course!
I am a rule follower by nature and this course really made me expand my though process and my variability. I loved going back during the week and just "trying" with people. I loved being challenged to get outside my box and to really assess my own thoughts and biases and try to just see them as they were...personal biases but not necessarily rules. Despite generally needing in-person courses to keep me engaged, this one really allowed me to be more engaged than I thought I'd be with the Mentimeter app and practical portions of the course too. Loved hearing from Fit pros and from other PTs. Loved hearing from the various TA's and their backgrounds. Only thing that would have made it better was to take a pic with Antony and the group in person :)

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