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Abdominal Wall Illustration Package

This set of illustrations can be purchased and used for individual (corporate rates available) needs such as slides, books, websites, social media posts, etc. 

Make your work have that extra edge with beautiful anatomy images that come in different skin tones and labeled and unlabeled versions. 

All images have transparent background so they can seamlessly flow into any of your slides or marketing material (the grey/white checks are how transparent backgrounds show up until you download them. 

All images are PNG files, 640x640px for easy use. 
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     What's included?

  • Sagittal plane pelvic anatomy 
  • Inferior and superior views of pelvic floor muscles
  • Typical XX and XY anatomy
  • Labeled Images
  • Dark and light skin tones

Bring your courses, website, and education up to a new level!

Enrolling in this package of illustrations give you access to using these images for your practice and education. They can be used for such as:
  • Blogs
  • Leads/Opt-ins
  • Courses/classes/workshops
  • Handouts
  • Flyers
  • Websites
  • Social medial posts
  • Books

Add professional images to your presentation. 

It can be really hard to find images that you can use without worrying about copyright issues. We had the same issues... which is why we made our own. And now we want to share with you! 
Do you want a greater array of illustrations?

The Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership

The Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership is a collaborations of pelvic health professionals that exchange ideas about clinical and business. To support our members, we create illustrations and handouts that can be used for people doing education or marketing their services. 
Patrick Jones - Course author