Tailbone Pain: Hot Topics, Assessment, and Treatment

Discussion with Tracy Sher and
Dr. Patrick Foye


  • 1 hours 
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  • Medical and Fitness Professionals
  • No pre-requisites
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What can I expect?

Dr. Patrick Foye answers questions like:

  • What are the most common causes of coccyx pain? 
  • What are the most common things that clinicians miss when treating patients with coccyx pain? 
  • Why don't more clinicians know how to evaluate and treat coccyx pain?
  • What do you mean when you talk about the "chicken and the egg" question when trying to figure out the relationship between coccyx pain and pain throughout the rest of the pelvis or pelvic floor? 


What people are saying:

Love love how thoughtful you are Dr. Foye!!!
Thank you for being such a quality provider!!! We need more like you!
Love this! Thanks for spreading your knowledge. Great perspective and overview, including the medical component that I am not as familiar with.

What You Will Learn:

After completing this course participants will:
  • Understand the scope of diagnoses that can cause coccyx pain, including musculoskeletal causes (such as coccygeal dynamic instability, distal coccyx bone spurs, arthritis, fractures, dislocations) and potentially life-threatening causes (such as cancers and bone infection). 
  • Understand the role of imaging studies in the evaluation of coccyx pain. 
  • Understand the multi-disciplinary approach, including collaboration between a physician providing various types of local coccyx injections in coordination with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. 
Learn ways to problem solve a variety of sexual health issues.
Feel comfortable navigating psychosocial nuances while learning practical skills to do so. 

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Tracy Sher, PT, DPT, CSCS - Your Host

Tracy Sher is a pelvic physical therapist and is the founder of Pelvic Guru, Pelvic Guru Academy, and the Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership. She is also an instructor for Pelvic Guru Academy, teaching Pudendal Neuralgia and Complex Pelvic Pain Solutions. 

Patrick M. Foye, M.D. 

Dr. Patrick Foye, M.D., is Founder and Director of the Coccyx Pain Center (Tailbone Pain Center), located in the United States, just outside of New York City. He is a Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, in Newark, N.J. 
In addition to publishing in peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks, Dr. Foye also extensively publishes educational materials directly for people suffering from coccydynia (coccyx pain), which you can find on his website, on his YouTube channel TailbonePainDoctor, on, and on Twitter @TailboneDoctor. 
Dr. Foye authored a 272-page book titled, ""Tailbone Pain Relief Now!"" which is available on Amazon. 
Dr. Foye has received many teaching awards and has given over 500 local, regional and national lectures regarding musculoskeletal pain, rehabilitation, and especially coccydynia. 
USA Today newspaper named Dr. Foye on their list of “Most Influential Doctors”. The American Academy of PM&R (AAPM&R) honored him with their national “Distinguished Clinician Award”.
Clinically, Dr. Foye is sub-specialty board-certified in Pain Medicine, and his niche area of therapeutic injections for coccyx pain has drawn thousands of patient visits from all across the country and internationally. 


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