Customizable Slides: What to Expect at Pelvic Therapy

23 slides for professionals to use for community presentations and marketing opportunities. 

These slides are fully customizable with Canva Pro so you can add to it and put your name and logo on it! 

Instructions are also included to add your name personal logos to the PDF version of the slides. 
Complete slideshow not included in this video sample.
This product is a set of slides available in multiple formats - .pdf, .png, .jpg, and a CUSTOMIZABLE Canva template.

The slides are NOT verbally presented in video format as part of this purchase. 
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What to Expect:

Have you ever had that experience of really wanting to be able to talk to the community or market to professionals with a quick slide slow to show what pelvic therapist does but it’s just SUCH A PAIN to put together those slides? 
We’d like to announce a new product we’re offering! The fantastic April Dominick, PT, DPT has been collaborating with us to put together a slide show for just this purpose! With the wisdom of an experienced pelvic PT, plus the Pelvic Guru, LLC anatomy illustrations, these slides are clean, simple, and beautiful and best of all… CUSTOMIZABLE! 

What's covered? 
  • The process of getting set up with pelvic therapy
  • Who would benefit from pelvic floor therapy
  • Where to find a pelvic floor therapist
  • Components of Examination
  • Treatment Plan
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines for Use:

The following guidelines are required for utilizing this product:
  • You may not customize and then sell these slides
  • The images from these slides are not to be used for any other projects, blogs, handouts, presentations, websites, courses UNLESS you are a member of the Global Pelvic Health Alliance and you have access to use them through that membership. (LEARN MORE)
  • You may add your logo to these slides but we ask that you keep the Pelvic Global logos on the illustrations and slides. 
  • If these slides are used as a template for a larger presentation or a paid course, the illustrations may only stay as part of it for members of the Global Pelvic Health Alliance. 

The Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership

The Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership is a collaborations of pelvic health professionals that exchange ideas about clinical and business. To support our members, we create illustrations and handouts that can be used for people doing education or marketing their services. Members get 10% off this slideshow. 
Patrick Jones - Course author