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Group Membership

Are you interested in getting a discount for your group of pelvic health professionals! We've got you covered! 

Check out our options below. 
For groups larger than 20, please contact for customized pricing. 

Logo-free Image Licensing

If you're interested in getting access to illustrations without the Pelvic Global logo for your company, take a look at our licensing options. 
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Group Membership FAQ

What if I have a number between those intervals? 
You can decide if it's better to go up to the next level for the better discount, which might make sense if you're planning to hire in the next year. Or you can go to the tier below and purchase additional individual  memberships at the regular rate in order to have the exact right number. 

How do I tell you who the members are? 
After you purchase, you'll receive an email telling you the next steps for getting the codes for your members to use to join the membership. 

What will we have access to?
Group access is the same as the individual access... just cheaper in bulk. You still have access to the FB group, the webinars, the images, the handouts, and all of the other bonuses that come your way!

What if I need to add people partway through the year? 
You'll have enough codes for the high end of the range that you purchased. If you need more, email and we'll see what the best course of action will be.

What if I need to take away people during the year? 
You'll need to email to manage that. 

What if I only want parts of the membership and not others?
You can purchase the licensed images independently or purchase webinars individually but these membership packages for groups are the only ones we're offering at this time. Learn more about licensing HERE

What if I have a group bigger than 20 people that I want the membership for? 
Email and we can create a plan for you.