Pelvic Health Sexuality Counseling Certificate Program

Next Cohort:
Sept 16-Dec 16, 2024

What is this program?
A 3 month sexual health counseling education certificate program specifically designed for pelvic healthcare providers. We move through the self-paced content together as a cohort over the 3 month timeframe (with flexibility and support for those who need more time to complete the work).

The program provides clinical and didactic learning through mixed method pre-recorded content, interviews with industry-leaders, live group mentorship and learning, and a resource library. 

Who is this for?

This program is for PT, PTA, OT, COTA, MD/DO, NP, RN, PA, and other licensed medical providers that have experience working with patients with genital/pelvic/sexual health and are looking for advanced, inclusive, clinical skill development in sexual health. 

  • 40 PT/OT CEUs in 50 states applied for
  • 40 AASECT CEs
  • Payment plans available
If you've applied already, you should get an email from within 1 week. If you've been accepted, the registration link will be in that email. 
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Integrating Sexual Health as a Pelvic Health Care Provider

How to Ask the Awkward Questions and Provide Creative Solutions

This is a program for the disrupters.

Regardless of what medical profession you’re in, if you work with clients in pelvic health and you want to create an intersectional foundation of sexual knowledge for clinical practice and be a part of a kick-ass community of like-minded people, this program is for you.

What should you expect? 

  • A robust program that starts with the foundational aspects of sexology and sexual health as a human right
  • A three-month cohort with 40 hours of pre-recorded instruction (plus bonus learning material)
  • 10 live office hours led by the course designers (Heather & UC) for facilitated discussion and guidance of weekly course content. Attending live is not mandatory. All are recorded. 
  • Handouts, videos, and resources to use in all areas of practice (clinical, academic, and research)
  • The ability to go through the program content at your own pace
  • Cultivate a community of fellow disrupters in sexual health
  • Specific frameworks and intervention strategies that can be used in real-time in clinical, academic, and research settings
  • Facebook Group Community for discussion and collaboration with your colleagues.  
  • The Sexy Pop Up Series: ongoing, quarterly lectures on hot topics in the field of sexuality followed by a structured Q&A - Exclusively for alumni and members of the current cohort.
  • A quarterly newsletter to keep you on top of educational opportunities

As a medical provider who wants to make sexual health more accessible, you might be asking yourself the following: 

  • How does sex counseling fit in with what I actually do in the clinic?
  • How can I make sure I’m seeing the WHOLE person?
  • What are my professional boundaries?
  • Where does what I do end and mental health therapy begin?
  • Am I being inclusive in the way that I offer care?
  • As a pelvic health provider, how do I work with couples around sexuality?

Hear from previous cohort members! 

Curriculum Outline
The following topics will be covered:

Month 1:
  • An integrative approach to sex counseling 
  • Sexology history and an intersectional considerations for medical care 
  • Interviewing and Assessment for Sexual Health
  • Trans and Intersex inclusive anatomy and clinical communication  
Month 2: 
  • Medical interventions for sexual health
  • Power dynamics for providers and patients 
  • Dysfunction and distress surrounding arousal and desire                          
  • Trans sexuality 
  • Sexuality and aging 
  • Sexuality and Pelvic Pain
  • Neurodivergence and sexuality 
  • Physical disability and sexuality 
  • Fertility, pregnancy, postpartum sexuality
Month 3: 
  • STIs and stigma 
  • Sexually advanced patients, sex work 
  • Relationship structures and clinical implications                                        
  • Advanced power dynamics and sexuality 
  • Red Flags, Abuse, Reporting, Resources 
  • Psychosocial interventions and teaching tools 
  • Advanced case studies 
  • Sex counseling business basics 

And your education doesn't stop there! 

You have access to all of the live office hours of each of the following cohorts!
That's 27 hours of optional live mentoring per year after your program is over. 
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Exclusive Ongoing Access to The Sexy Pop Up Series!

Ongoing, quarterly lectures on hot topics in the field of sexuality followed by a structured Q&A - Exclusively for alumni and members of the current cohort.

After the program ends, you've still got us for support! 

You'll be in community with ALL of the current and past cohort members to discuss clinical issues and find fellow disruptors to collaborate in research, education, business, clinical practice, and personal development. 

You'll have a community of people with a common language and common passion for informed sexual healthcare. 

We'll let our previous cohorts tell you about their experience...

These responses came from the anonymous feedback form at the end of the course. 
This course is everything that I wanted to exist, and some of it I didn't even know I wanted. This is such a foundational way to approach care for anyone who helps people with their sexual health. It has helped me discover more about who I am as a clinician, as well as a human, and I am just so excited to be a part of this community. 
Cohort 3 member
Buckle up, sex nerds! This has been a great way for me to learn with like-minded professionals who are looking to grow and get access to accurate, evidence based content about sex and communication, which hasn't always been the easiest to come by. Even as a pelvic PT, amongst other pelvic PTs, not everyone nerds out as hard as I do about all things sexuality, so it's been a great experience to be with people who really want to get into the details the way that I do. 
Ashlie Crewe, Cohort 4
This program is changing how I treat all my patients, not just my pelvic patients. I'm learning how to ask the right questions to elicit from my patients what THEY really need. By keeping the focus on them, I resist the temptation to barrage patients with all the information I think they need to know. Heather and UC use video lectures, expert interviews, and other sources to provide a deep understanding of human sexuality, all with a ton of humor and encouragement. Take this course!
Cohort 1 member
They [UC & Heather] set the tone for the course with a social justice framework that feels paramount to any useful discussion about health and sex in this country. The diversity of relationship structures and identities being centered within the curriculum have allowed me as a queer and poly person to feel welcomed in the space. Honestly this is one of the most inclusive continuing education classes I have taken in my 17 years of practice in this field. It is aptly timed for where I am at in my life, and where we are as a society. Much respect for these two people; this course is fantastic.”
Cohort 1 member
I'm so grateful to UC and Heather and the course they have curated. I've been able to apply what I've learned almost immediately into practice, and their teaching style is engaging, fun and inclusive! The value exceeds the investment, and I am excited to see what's next!
Cohort 1 member
This course is going to give you real specifics to apply to your practice right away! So often trainings will front load didactic information before detailing how to apply to clinical practice. UC and Heather do an amazing job at integrating both from the beginning! I find this way of learning information very inspiring. ”
Cohort 4 member
I can't recommend this course enough. It has had a profound impact on not just my clinical practice but on my personal life. The thought and care that went into developing this program is astounding. From the beginning, the course encourages examination of bias and confronts the often ignored aspects of racism and patriarchy that seep deeply into our healthcare and sexual health. This is woven into each aspect of learning in a subtle but profound way. Additionally, they bring a multitude of voices to the table to enrich our learning by hearing the stories and experiences of those who often are not heard. Such a wonderful course for personal and professional growth.
Cohort 1 member
I can't recommend this program highly enough. It was so refreshing to have a course built on an intersectional/equity framework rather than one that added it in. The concepts covered were both illuminating and immediately applicable to practice. I have been able to utilize all of the information to pick up on things I would have never noticed in my patients and now have the tools to guide them through sexual difficulties. It has been an extremely enjoyable and empowering course. I would recommend this course to any pelvic rehab provider!
Cohort 1 member
This course was hands down my favorite continuing education course I have ever taken. It was engaging, thorough, practical, well rounded, and frankly fun to take. I’m so glad I got out of my comfort zone and tried it, well worth it!
Cohort 3 member
You think you know yourself - but you don't! This class came at a perfect time in my practice as well as my personal life for me to be better for my patients as well as be better for myself. It will challenge your thoughts and ideas and make you dig deep down; but I promise you will be better for it! 
Cohort 2 member
I've already used so much from this course with patients in my clinic and friends already and I can't wait to see how many more peoples lives I can change for the better with this new knowledge from this course. It's truly a great course taught by 2 really awesome people! 
Cohort 2 member
Heather and UC deliver education about sex counseling that is inclusive and intersectional. They explain a wide variety of topics relevant to the pelvic PT treating sexual function in a fun, approachable and effective way. The course is self-paced which made it very doable! Highly recommend! - 
Elizabeth Franze, DPT 
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Program Objectives

(in accordance with AASECT counseling guidelines):

  • Participants will be able to describe two theories and methods in personal/individual pelvic health sexual counseling. 
  • Participants will be able to describe two approaches for pelvic health sex counseling that are appropriate for specific populations (e.g., youth, older adults, couples, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, ethnic/ cultural/ faith-based populations).
  • Participants will be able to implement approaches to intervention for working within relationship systems as applicable to pelvic health sexuality counseling. 
  • Participants will be able list three clinical decision-making processes for sexually related medical interventions for all genders. 
  • Participants will be able to discuss two ethical issues in sexuality counseling as related to pelvic health. 
  • Participants will be able to implement a practice of consultation, collaboration, and referral as applicable to pelvic health. 

How this program works with the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)

Does this program get me AASECT certified?

No. However, participants will be able to use the credits from this program toward an application for AASECT certification to earn the Certified Sex Counselor (CSC) title

At the end of this certificate program, participants will: 

  • Hold a Certificate in Pelvic Health Sexual Counseling through Pelvic Global Academy. 
  • Feel confident in being able to address the sexual counseling needs of your patients.
  • Have continued opportunites for FREE Sexy Pop Ups which will have synchronous AASECT CEs available. 

We've collaborated with partners to bring you the entire AASECT pre-requisite experience: 

  • We give you 30 Asynchronous Counseling Training hours and 10 Asynchronous Core Knowledge hours.
  • The Institute for Sexual Education and Enlightenment (ISEE) has a package exclusive to our participants that gets you the rest of the 30 Synchronous Counseling Training hours and the rest of the 80 Core Knowledge hours.
  • We have amazing partners offering a SAR that is exclusive to our participants. 
  • Heather is one of the rare AASECT Sex Counseling Supervisors, and UC is a supervisor in training, so we can offer supervision hours to you as well. 

This program meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators,

Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 40 CE credits. These CE credits may
be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification.

Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For further
information please contact
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Join us for a Live Q&A on Thursday, August 22, 
at 3-3:30pm EST!

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Watch our free Webinar! 

Sex Counseling - What is it and How Can Pelvic Health  Professionals do it? 

Tracy Sher interviews UC and Heather about the Pelvic Health Sex Counseling Program. 


  • Course Content is self-paced with options for live discussion scheduled in advance.
  • Videos will be closed-captioned and/or transcripts will be available. 
  • Closed captioning can be turned on during the live office hours. 
It is difficult to articulate how much this course has meant for my own personal growth, as well as my empowerment as a physician to care for my patients holistically. This course provided personal challenges to reflect and address my own beliefs and understanding, which prepared me to empathetically ask patients to participate in these growth and counseling techniques.

I was especially fired up regarding the social justice framework of this course and reinvigorated to recognize the intersectionality and needs of each patient as an individual. That portion of the course also challenged my own foundational beliefs, as well as my medical education shortcomings, that I can now more easily identify in learning how to provide equitable care.

UC and Heather also provided personalized, practical information on how to implement this work with my patients, and how to demand continued DEI and reproductive justice education and growth in my future career so that this learning doesn’t end here. I believe with my whole being that this type of education is critical for all OBGYN physicians in order to provide equitable, inclusive, empowering care for our patients.
- Elise Edwards-Cavalieri, MD


Cost for the program will be $2,198.

GPHAM Members will have access to their 10% OFF code making their pricing $1978 when using their code. 

Everyone will receive $200 OFF for 2 weeks upon receiving their acceptance email making the pricing $1998 for that window. (This is not in addition to the GPHAM code)

There will be an option for one payment or two payments. 

Meet the instructorS

Heather Edwards, PT, CSC-S, CSE

Heather Edwards, PT, CSC-S, CSE (she/they) has been a pelvic physical therapist since 2003 and is an AASECT certified Sexuality Counselor, Sex Educator, and Counseling Supervisor. They achieved their dual certificate at the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program. They have presented at APTA, AASECT (sex therapy, counseling, and education), Teen PEP (comprehensive sex ed in schools), InterConnect (intersex advocacy), and transgender conferences and teaches for Pelvic Global Academy on the topic of Trans-Inclusive Sexual & Pelvic Health. They have a series of courses that address specific sexual psychosocial aspects of medical care called Clinical Blindspots. They provide community sex edutainment live and online as Vino & Vulvas and Bubbles & Bubbly. In addition to education and clinical work, Heather is an artist, illustrator, and author of the coloring book series "Coloring Books for the Crotch Enthusiast" an illustrated story about a nonbinary vulva, “Finding VaJoyJoy”, and mostly recently of a novel, June Full Moon. Her latest is erotica that is pelvic-health informed, consent-focused, and models emotionally intelligent dialogue as a new platform for her sex education work. They are an advocate of promoting the inclusion of all minorities into sexual health, especially those who have historically faced many barriers to care. 

Uchenna "UC" Ossai, PT, DPT, WCS, CSC-SIT

Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai is a sex-positive pelvic health physical therapist, sexuality educator and AASECT certified sexuality counselor. Dr. UC received her clinical doctorate from University of Illinois Chicago and completed her resident in Women’s Health and Movement Science at Washington University at St. Louis. She currently serves in the role as assistant professor at University of Utah in Salt Lake City in the Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. She is also currently on faculty for the University of Michigan School of Social Work’s Sexual Health Certification Program. Dr. UC previously served as assistant professor at the University of Texas Dell Medical School in Austin as well as pelvic health program manager and clinical education rotation director at UT Health Austin for five years. Dr. UC has clinical, research, and educational expertise in complex pelvic floor disorders, sexual function and dysfunction that centers intersectionality and biopsychosocial factors. She is a national and international speaker and is on the medical advisory boards for Origin, O.School, and Dame Products. Dr. UC also serves as a consultant for DEI strategy as well as clinical and educational audit and planning for small businesses and large start-ups. When it comes to sexual intelligence and great sex education, UC embraces always being unapologetically real, happily crunk, and deliciously kind.

Meet our guest content experts!

Aleece Fosnight, MSPAS, PA-C, CSCS, CSE, NCMP, HAES

Founder, owner, and director of the Fosnight Center for Sexual Health, Aleece Fosnight, is a board-certified physician assistant specializing in sexual medicine. She earned her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Kentucky in 2011 and completed a postgraduate certificate in sexual health counseling and education from the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program in 2014. She is an AASECT certified sex counselor and educator. She is an LGBTQIA+, BDSM/kink-aware, and trauma-informed professional. As a NAMS Menopause Certified Practitioner, Aleece also evaluates and treats women through the menopause transition.

Lucie Fielding, LMHCA

Lucie Fielding, PhD, MA, LMHCA, Resident in Counseling (she/they) is a white, neurodivergent, queer, trans misogyny affected (TMA) femme, and a therapist practicing in Virginia and Washington (on Monacan lands and unceded Duwamish territory, respectively). They specialize in sex therapy, kink-knowledgeable therapy, 2SLGBTQIA-knowledgeable therapy, sex work-affirming therapy. They are the author of Trans Sex: Clinical Approaches to Trans Sexualities and Erotic Embodiments (2021), which was awarded an AASECT Book Award in 2022 (Sexuality Professionals Category) and named a finalist for a 2022 Lambda Literary Award. 

B Lourenco, MA, LMHC, (she/her)

B is a licensed mental health counselor, educator, advocate, and activist. She has been working in community support for 15+ years and is committed to social change on all system levels. Seeing mental health as a way to serve the community, she earned a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology, with a Systems Emphasis, in 2015 and began private practice in 2017. Highly trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), she became a district-wide expert in supporting neurodivergent students. It was during this work that she began to be critical of the current models of support for neurodivergence, including ABA. Making the shift from the medical to the affirming model has allowed her to finally identify her own neurodivergence, including Autism and ADHD.

Dr. Tracy Sher, PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. Tracy Sher is the Founder/CEO of the global platform, Pelvic Guru, LLC/Pelvic Global and the Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership (GPHAM). She is also the Owner/Clinical Director of the private practice, Sher Pelvic Health and Healing in Orlando. Tracy has a passion for treating complex pelvic health cases relating to pelvic pain, sexual pain, and postpartum changes. As a leader in the area of pelvic health therapy with a biopsychosocial approach, she travels across the US and the world sharing her expertise, teaching courses, and speaking to the community and professionals. Tracy thrives on being a connector to bring people together and improve the way healthcare providers learn and help others.

Jenelle Marie Pierce, CSE

Jenelle Marie Pierce, CSE, is the Executive Director of The STI Project, the Education Manager for HealthHIV, and a Spokesperson for As an STI+ Certified Sexuality Educator, Jenelle has been dismantling stigma by reclaiming STI narratives® through awareness, education, and acceptance since 2012.

Andre Shakti, Educator, Performer

Andre Shakti (she/her) is a queer—white—cisgender—polyamorous educator, activist, performer and professional slut based in Baltimore, MD. She strips, she whips, and she likes dogs more than you. |

Ruby B Johnson, MSW, Sex Therapist

Ruby is CEO and Sole Practitioner with Inamorata LLC ( Ruby Johnson is CEO and organizer for PolyDallas Millennium© LLC ( In private practice, her areas of expertise are substance use disorders, obsessive and compulsive sexual behaviors, attachment disorders, multi-cultural families and couples, gender expression/gender identity issues, consensual nonmonogamous partnerships/families, and Kink/BDSM. She serves on the Board of Directors for National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Texas Phoenix House.  Ruby B Johnson is a sex therapist in the DFW area in Texas and

Damian Rodriguez, PT, DPT, NCS, GCS

A licensed physical therapist since 2015, Damian Rodriguez has practiced primarily in the area of neurologic rehabilitation with a focus on individuals with Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, and Traumatic Brain Injury. 
He completed the Texas State University Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program in August of 2016 and earned his Board certification to be a  Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy in June of 2017 and a Geriatric Specialist in 2019.
Damian is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Texas State University Department of Physical Therapy where he coordinates the Neuroscience sequence, and provides content for integumentary management, complex patient management, Patient Care Skills, and as a clinical instructor during Directed Clinical Education.
In addition to teaching, he works at St. David’s Medical Center in the Acute, Inpatient Rehabilitation, and Outpatient setting with patients who have sustained a variety of neurologic and orthopaedic diagnoses. 

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